Kung Fu Wooden Dummy


The Kung Fu Wooden Dummy has been used for hundreds of years and is most closely associated with the art of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun is one of the most popular forms of Chinese Kung Fu and comes from the South of China. It is believed to be the traditional style used by Bruce Lee and the style he reverted to in real life fighting situations. It may not look as spectacular on video as some of the other forms however it is considered to be the most effective form of martial art.

One of the most distinctive aspects of Wing Chun is the wooden doll or Kung Fu Dummy. It is a thick wooden post with a leg and three arms.  It represents a human opponent standing. Most practitioners notice dramatic improvement when they start using the dummy. Especially if you combine training on the dummy and watching Kung Fu videos from your master trainer. The wooden training dummy is intended to be used by martial artists to increase strength, power, and overall ability in any fighting arena.

Users will tell you that basically, you just thump the heck out of it and behave like it is an opponent.  It will hurt though if you don’t use the right technique. It can’t hit back, but it is a hard piece of wood and that is why users have such strong arms and legs. Your muscles feel harder, denser and better able to take punishment and your endurance will greatly improve in only a few weeks. Users say the increased agility is worth the bruises on the shins and elbows. Because you can strike it much harder then a real person you can generate huge power in your back, shoulders and triceps

Have you ever heard of finger striking? The wooden dummy is great to practice this on.  You can poke and poke the wood over and over and develop massive strength in your fingers. The ancient Kung Fu masters have sworn by the wooden dummy for 5 centuries because of the ability to develop great power, speed, technique, and toughness. Our preferred supplier is happy to help you develop strengths you never knew you had using a Kung Fu Wooden Dummy.