Need to practice, but can’t find a

partner locally? Use a Kung Fu Dummy!


A Kung Fu Dummy never disappoints you and is always on time. They never get sick and they will always have the right technique. Our aim is to connect you to the finest suppliers of quality wooden dummies to ensure you or your academy has the best equipment to ensure excellence without compromise.

There are many, many forms of Kung Fu from different areas of China. The wooden dummy is mostly used to help the martial artist learn the techniques of Wing Chun and other Kung Fu styles of southern China.

To ensure you are never without a practice partner and develop the correct techniques to be successful, you can order your dummy today by clicking on our preferred supplier.


Some things to consider when choosing a dummy.

1. Should it be “dead” or “alive”?

Even wooden dummies are described as either being “dead” or “alive”. The “alive” dummies have springiness in their slates that mean they are more like a human opponent. The wooden dummy may be solid, but it is actually an energetic representation of a human, rather then a physical one. This means that the martial artist can practice absorbing energy into their stance. In either case the dummy helps to develop full body power by cultivating the understanding of angles, positions and footwork.

2.    What type of dummy are you looking for?

Dummies vary from ones designed to go outside in the ground, to ones that can be used indoors in large and small spaces. If you only have a small space then the wall mounted version may be the best for you, otherwise the indoor full size version is great if you have a bit more space. Although the full size version was designed for apartment use, as many people do not have back yards and is probably the most popular dummy available.

3.    Who uses a dummy?

Individuals and academies/schools all use the dummies all around the world. They ensure that everyone has a practice partner, or a convenient practice partner. You may want to talk to some people who are using them and find out what they think is the most important thing to look for in a dummy. Like anything you will get what you pay for and you ideally want a supplier who specialises in making the dummies.

We are sure your Kung Fu Dummy will make a huge difference to mastering you martial art and we feel honoured to support you.